The Sarah Palin Effect – Making Liberal Men Feel Inferior

Chalk up another victim to the Sarah Palin Effect. This week we highlight lil’ Davey Zurawick and ponder the cause and effect of this ever increasing phenomenon.

It seems that far left extremists like Zurawick are upset that Sarah Palin has shot a caribou and isn’t facing criminal charges for the horrific crime of providing food for her family.

Never mind that countless outdoors shows across the television landscape show similar events. Outdoorsmen enjoying the gifts of nature, challenging their own instincts and abilities to bag that fish or animal to feed their friends and family  – and possibly giving them a few weeks of bragging rights over their fellow hunters who weren’t so fortunate on their last excursion. These ‘other’ outdoors shows air daily – yet we hear no outrage over their efforts to glean protein and nourishment from the lands, lakes and rivers which naturally provide it.

When Sarah Palin displays her own savvy for the hunt, takes note of the freshness of a particular set of wolf tracks or lends a hand on a fishing trip suddenly the liberal world erupts in feigned outrage. What exactly has Sarah done so differently than any of the other hearty souls who brave the elements in pursuit of their prey while enjoying the wonders of nature?

Well, she’s a woman of course (and a decidedly attractive one at that). Thus endeth the differences.

It appears to me that Sarah Palin is having quite an effect on the minds and psyche of liberal men. They see Sarah out there doing the things that we have traditionally associated with men. Men are the hunters. Women are the gatherers. At least, that’s how we were taught things were back in the days before we ‘evolved’ into sissified society where hunting consists of searching for bargains at the local supermarket or finding the best parking space at the mall.

Seeing Sarah Palin so effortlessly perform as hunter and provider has apparently awoken a sense of inferiority in many of today’s men who have lost these abilities (or worse yet never learned them in the first place). Seeing Sarah Palin shoot a caribou, quarter it without so much as a grimace, take it home and prepare it for the freezer highlights just how pathetic and incompetent today’s male really is if it ever came down to having to provide for ones self ‘pioneer style’.

This is a crushing realization to them. They have already been taught by their lamestream media propaganda masters that they should not like Sarah Palin. They’ve been taught that she is irrelevant and shouldn’t be taken seriously – and yet the obsess about her endlessly (well, so do I – but my obsession is a healthy and supportive one). When they see her doing these things they know they themselves could never do it makes them feel small. Incomplete. Inferior.

These folks already know that they are incapable of providing for themselves – and so is much of of America. This is why we see them touting the government as the answer for all their needs. We see them tell us that things like food, housing and healthcare are ‘rights’ that should be provided for all by the government.

So what happens when the government ceases to function to provide for all? When the populace becomes dependent on the government, over time they lose the ability to provide for themselves. If the government cannot provide – they will simply wither and die like the delicate flowers they are.

We have already gone too far down this road, and the numbers of hunters and fishermen are in decline in the general population. We’ve been taught guns are evil and harmful things that only criminals posses. Today’s youth are too often ignorant of gun safety. Instead, political groups rally to restrict or outlaw gun ownership – the Constitution be damned. If today’s parent enrolled their pre-teen in a gun safety course they would probably be reported to Child Protection Services.

Are you really comfortable with the idea of our society becoming a gun fearing society that has lost the ability to hunt or fish and provide for itself if even on an occasional, largely recreational basis? I know I am not.

When I grew up my father made sure I learned about gun safety, and was certified in a gun safety course. My family isn’t exactly a gun totin’ group of avid outdoorsmen, and I myself do not hunt – although seeing Sarah Palin out there stalking her prey is inspiring me. Still, there is a value in learning respect for guns early in life and experiencing the joys of hunting and fishing (we did fish quite a bit). Those rules of gun safety, respect for the outdoors and the enjoyment that can be gotten from experiencing the thrill of reaping the benefits of nature are things that are embedded into my very being.

Men like Zurawick see Sarah Palin doing these things so effortlessly and with such enjoyment it makes them realize they are no better equipped to handle themselves in the wild than Kate Gosselin.

No offense to Kate – I actually give her credit for being bold enough to actually TRY to enjoy life Sarah-style. Had the weather been a little better I think she may have actually toughed out a night in the woods even if she didn’t enjoy it a great deal.

…which is more than I can say for David Zurawick or Aaron Sorkin. Their fear of being exposed as having less cojones than Sarah Palin would have kept them firmly planted on their couch.

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