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The Sarah Palin Effect – Making Liberal Men Feel Inferior

Chalk up another victim to the Sarah Palin Effect. This week we highlight lil’ Davey Zurawick and ponder the cause and effect of this ever increasing phenomenon. It seems that far left extremists like Zurawick are upset that Sarah Palin … Continue reading

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I Love Sarah Palin

OK, I admit it. I love Sarah Palin. I’ve gone beyond crush mode here. I just put a ‘Palin 2012’ sticker on my car. This is a full-on love affair with sordid fantasies of hunting, fishing and camping in the … Continue reading

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Diary of a Wimpy President

Remember when you were a kid and you would get all the neighborhood kids together to play a game? You’d play king of the hill or smear the que…err… guy with the football and it was all good fun until … Continue reading

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Bristol Palin Wins DWTS Simply By Exposing Lame Stream Media Smear Machine

As Dancing With The Stars concludes another season Bristol Palin has already proven she possesses a whole lot of the can-do spirit of father and Iron Dog champ Todd Palin, as well as a healthy dose of mother Sarah’s ability … Continue reading

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